First Chuch Book Group

Zoom only

The fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30p.m.

Contact Christine O’Neill at for more information.


The book group will discuss Sy Montgomery's The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness.

Montgomery is a New Hampshire based naturalist who the Boston Globe described as "part Indiana Jones, part Emily Dickinson.’ When asked what she has learned about and from animals, she replied, “How to be a good creature. How do you be compassionate?… I think that animals teach compassion better than anything else and compassion doesn’t necessarily just mean a little mouse with a sore foot and you try to fix it. It means getting yourself inside the mind and heart of someone else. Seeing someone’s soul, looking for their truth. Animals teach you all of that and that’s how you get compassion and heart.” The Soul of Octopus was a National Book Award finalist in 2015 and is readily available in the Minuteman library network in print and audio formats. The Book Group is always open to new members.

There is no long term commitment. Feel free to join us for a single evening's discussion or to become a regular participant.