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Bruce Kozuma & Livia Racz

Sending love and gratitude to Rev. Chris, Ian Garvie, Simon Andrews, Janice Zazinsky, Luis Carrion, and all others who make this a community for help in celebrating my father-in-law/Livia's father Egon Racz's life this past Sunday 2023/06/18.

Gladys Unger

This candle is to celebrate the life of Thelma Burns. Thelma was METCO director for Belmont in the 1990’s . She nurtured the METCO students and created opportunities for Belmont families to connect with those students. Those ties are strong even today.Thelma moved on to activism in Boston. At her funeral both Ayana Presley and Michelle Wu spoke to her energy, accomplishments, and warmth.

Linda Atkinson

While celebrating with her family in Vermont Rosalie Kerr had a fall that resulted in her breaking two vertebrae and her sternum. She is at Dartmouth Hitchcock hospital where they surgically repaired the sternum yesterday. Now that is complete they will focus on her spine. This candle is a request for our congregation’s sweet, healing thoughts for Rosalie’s comfort and healing. Actual cards can be send to Rosi Kerr: 41 Old Moses Farm Rd
South Strafford, VT 05070
United States.
Thank you.

Gladys Unger

This candle celebrates the life of Thelma Burns. Miss Burns was Belmont’s METCO director in the 1990’s. During her tenure she nurtured the Boston students and provided opportunities for Belmont families to connect with them. Those ties remain strain today. After retiring from Belmont, Thelma became a full time activist for underserved communities in Boston. The extent of her contributions was lauded by Ayana Presley and Michelle Wu who spoke at the funeral.

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