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A tapestry of voices

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This online sanctuary is dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich tapestry of heritage that defines us as individuals, communities, and Unitarian Universalists.

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The History of Our Church Building

All of us as members of the FCB community share a heritage of physical spaces in which our community has met, worshipped, worked and celebrated through the years. 


Seven and a Half, alternatively recognized as Sette e Mezzo, Siete y Media, and Sete e Meio, is a time-honored card game with historical roots that predate the Cold War era. This traditional game has a storied legacy spanning generations, finding enthusiastic players across diverse regions, notably in Italy, Spain, and Brazil. Remarkably, the game's appeal has not waned over the years, solidifying its status as a cherished pastime that continues to captivate players worldwide.


Religious Heritage

A Contribution from Doris and Howard Hunter

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