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Dec. 9th - Jonny Kringle & The Wondaland Band Holiday Concert

Come hear Jonny Kringle and The Wondaland Band play all your favorite classic rock holiday songs and make some kids happy at the same time. The band includes Tom Maher (drums), Everett Pendleton (guitar), Heather Quay & Lyn O'Conor-Ferguson (vocals), Rob Laurens (keyboards), Jason Redi (bass), Jeff Isen (percussion, trombone, harmonica, kitchen sink, etc.), and Jon Svetkey (vocals, guitar). Plus, don’t miss the super special holiday music bonus before the show!

All donations from the concert will go directly to The Maher Family Toy Fund to help children and families spending their holidays at Children's Hospital. You can donate online when you reserve your seat or in- person at the show.


Masks are optional for all performances.

We look forward to seeing you this season!


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