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FCB Green: Earth Week Actions

1) Earth Day: In Love & Rage

Rally - March - Party

Friday, April 21, 3:30-6:00pm

Starts at Boston City Hall and ends at MA State House

More info & RSVP: 2) Petition Drive and Social Media Campaign—Gas is the Past:

Our new Governor wants to address climate change as one of her main goals. Mass Power Forward is asking her to declare, by Earth Day, that there's no future for gas in Massachusetts. To get her attention, we need 10k petition signatures! Sign the petition here and share widely.

3) April Climate Cafe:

Searching for a supportive place to discuss climate change or climate activism? Our Climate Cafés are a welcoming place for these chats, and they're led by experienced activists. You don't have to put on a positive face, and you can share with people who are experiencing the same emotions and learning nurturing ways to deal with them. Come on by! RSVP here. Wed, Apr 19, 7pm.

4) Check out Shared Habitat Earth at Belmont Art Gallery

19 Moore Street, Homer Building 3rd floor, through April 30

Series of Exhibits and call for action by over 30 local artists, Th. 10-4, Fri 10-12, Sat & Sun 1-4

5) Sign Interfaith Power & Light petition

Ask Toyota to stop lobbying against climate change solutions and bring affordable, all-electric vehicles to market. Sign the petition and share it with your congregation. Toyota ranked among the “world’s most obstructive companies on climate policy” of 2022, with oil giants like Exxon Mobil and Chevron. We're calling on Toyota to deliver 100% electric vehicles no later than 2035. There’s no time to waste. The transportation sector is the country's largest source of global warming pollution; we need affordable clean cars now!


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