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Food and Land: What Can We Do to Address the Climate Crisis?

Recommendations from FCB Green


1. From June through October, shop at the Belmont Farmers Market for great fresh food from local farms and producers (SNAP and other benefits accepted)

2. Explore nearby local winter farmers markets

3. Visit farm stand at Belmont Acres Farm, or sign up for their CSA weekly share of locally/sustainably grown fruit and vegetables for pick up at the farm.

4. Learn about trying a plant-based diet or menu by watching video of recent presentation by FCB members Michael and Nicole Griffin: “Journey to a Plant-Based Diet”

5. Sign up with Black Earth Compost or other composting service to have your food waste picked up weekly and composted rather than ending up in a landfill

6. Consider growing your own food in your yard, or add your name to wait list for a plot at the Belmont Community Gardens


1. Join Mystic-Charles Pollinator Pathways Group via Sustainable


2. Volunteers work together to create continuous pathway of

pollinator friendly gardens.

3. Join Belmont Conservation Volunteers who work together to control spread of ecologically harmful on-native plants on public lands. You can join their google group here to receive regular announcements of restoration events.

4. Check out website of Belmont resident Jean Devine, Devine Native Plantings, for advice about adding native plants to your home gardens and yards

5. Learn