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Help Support the Bakhshi Family!

The Social Action Committee is supporting the Bakhshi family of four through volunteerism and fundraising. Both continue to be needed as family members work towards greater independence in their new lives in Belmont.

This is a challenging endeavor, as they seek full employment, study to improve their English language skills, seek resources to support their two children in school (ages 14 and 16, in grades 9 and 10 at Belmont High School), and cope with the cost of living in Belmont.

You can help in a number of ways, including volunteering your time to provide English language or other tutoring or transportation, introducing your children to their children, providing employment contacts, and most importantly, donating to a GoFundMe account that will supplement their financial resources for the short-term.

This is urgently needed.

Please make your donations here. Your contribution is much appreciated.

For more information about volunteering or other related questions, please contact Fran Yuan.


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