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National Coming Out Day Panel

Sponsored by Belmont LGBTQ+ Alliance

WHEN: Wednesday, Oct. 11, 7-8:30 PM

WHERE: In person: Belmont Library, Assembly Room

Co-sponsored by BAR, Belmont Library, Beech St. Ctr., Belmont Wellness, Belmont Youth Commission

Sharing our Stories Humanizes Us

Join us in celebration and support of our LGBTQ+ community in Belmont. On National Coming Out Day, we will hear from four Belmont panelists about their coming out experience. Panelists include:

*John Davis (he/him), identifies as gay, a physician, husband and father, loves food and travel.

*Delia Holland (she/her) identifies as a lesbian and works in real estate. She is the executive assistant to Gail Roberts, Ed Feijo & Team. Delia enjoys volunteering, reading, fiber crafts, and playing ice hockey.

*Nat Moss (they/them), 25 years old, identifies as transmasculine, nonbinary and queer; hobbies include ceramics, folk dance, and hiking with their dog, a mini Australian shepherd.

*Tyler Tonumura-MacDonald (they/them/any pronouns), 8th grader, identifies as queer and gender queer, hobbies include playing guitar, drums, and video games.

If you wish to share your own coming out story OR your experience being the parent or family member of someone who has come out, please write up a brief story and send to . Please let us know if we can share these at the Panel or publish on our website. Please indicate if you’d like to publish anonymously.

For more info on the Alliance see:


You might consider including your pronouns, profession, who you live with in Belmont, hobbies, and any relevant details about your coming out experience that you are comfortable sharing, such as:

  • What was it like growing up with regard to your LGBTQ+ identity?

  • When did you first know or suspect that you were LGBTQ+ or that you were different?

  • How did you know it was time to come out (sometimes we don’t have a choice)?

  • Who did you first come out to and what was their reaction?

  • How has it been since you came out?

  • What can others do to help make it easier and more affirming for others who may want to come out or have come out?

If you are a parent or other family member, feel free to address: How I was/wasn’t supportive; what I said or wish I had said/done; or any other info about helping your family member navigate coming out to your larger family group or community.


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