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5th & 6th Grade OWL

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 Our Whole Lives for grades 5 or 6 will begin Spring 2023.  Please contact Wendy to be put on the waiting list for that course. 

Course runs for 10 weeks

Classes are 1.5 hours

Typically on Sunday mornings Begin in March

Our Whole Lives  (OWL) for Grades 5 or 6, is a sexuality education program designed to nurture and support the “three R’s” of childhood sexuality education  – Respect, Relationships, and Responsibility. The program helps children to gain self-respect and respect for others, to build relationships with people of all genders and with many kinds of families, and to understand their responsibilities regarding their own health and that of others.


Topics include

  • healthy and safe bodies

  • puberty

  • decision making

  • family relationships

  • communication

  • sexual orientation

  • gender roles

  • the act of lovemaking

  • reproduction


The program uses the book It’s Perfectly Normal, which features cartoon illustrations and a light-hearted approach to discuss sex and reproduction. This OWL curriculum is age appropriate for grade 5 or 6 and families choose which year to have their child participate. In order for a youth to participate, parents must attend a required parent orientation and sign a permission form.


There is a fee for this class; scholarships are available if needed. We typically have a few free spots for community members.

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