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Building Use: Calendar, Rates and Details

Thank you for your interest in space at The First Church in Belmont. Please start by checking the church calendar below to see if the space you're interested in is available.


In July and August 2023, there is no rental availability from Monday-Friday, and extremely limited weekend rental availability. Please note we start processing Fall 2023 rental queries in September. 


Please use this form for your space request


For details on the space, including pricing, please click here.


Please note that use of the building is regulated by the church’s tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. For instance, church premises may not be rented or used in any way to engage in political campaigning. 

Space at The First Church is reserved by the hour. Plan to include the time for the event as well as set-up and clean-up. All rooms in the church are wheelchair-accessible. Custodial services are required for most rentals and custodial fees are included (the Congregational Administrator will discuss custodial needs with you). If you have further questions, please email the church office

Building Calendar

Building Use Calendar

Building Rentals

Rate information:

”Church member“ refers to members of record of The First Church in Belmont who wish to rent church space for a private event for family or friends (party, wedding, celebration of life, and so on). The rental event cannot include fundraising or the sale of tickets, cannot produce income for the member or others, and cannot be affiliated with or on behalf of any organization, either for-profit or non-profit.


Non-profits must provide a non-profit tax ID number when reserving space.


Regular hourly rate is for all other use.

Sanctuary and Parlor

Capacity: Sanctuary seats 192; Parlor seats 22

  • Hourly rate: $125

  • Non-profit hourly rate+: $75

  • FCB Members*: No fee for use for personal events.

Parish Hall; includes use of Upper Hall and Kitchen if needed

Capacity: 220 seated in rows facing stage; approximately 125 seated at tables

  • Hourly rate: $200

  • Non-profit hourly rate: $125

  • FCB Members hourly rate, for personal events: $100​


Capacity: 14

  • Hourly rate: $75

  • Non-profit rate: $50

  • FCB Members, for personal events: $25


  • Seats 30 theater-style in rows; has video screen

  • Standard rate: $50

  • Non-profit rate: $25

  • FCB Members: $10


  • Classroom seats up to 20

    • Classroom availability is currently very limited

  • Standard rate: $25

  • Non-profit rate: $15

  • FCB Members: $10

Rental Info
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