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Small Group Ministry

For more information please contact Lillian Anderson


​In a large congregation like ours and during these times, it can be difficult to find ways to sink deeper into our spiritual beings as well as create stronger and more resonant roots in our community. We will be starting additional small group ministry (SGM) groups to provide the opportunity to accomplish both of these objectives. Announcements and invitations to register for new Small Group Ministries will be offered in September.

How They Work

SGM groups are comprised of 6 to 8 people who meet for 90 minutes once or twice each month for spiritual discussion and conversations about issues relevant to all of us as human beings. We practice deep listening—listening without judgment, listening without interruption, listening without trying to fix or advise.


Each group is guided by a trained facilitator. Discussion topics come from a number of sources including ideas from group participants.


Past topics include

  • Gratitude, Forgiveness

  • God as a Metaphor

  • Science and Religion

  • Belonging

  • Prayer and Meditation

  • Service

  • Hope


Each session starts with a brief check-in. Next, we will share our feelings about the topic using the prompts that were provided to help us organize our thoughts. As each person speaks we will listen compassionately without comment. After everyone has had the opportunity to speak without interruption we will have a more open, free flowing discussion regarding the topic and other issues raised as a result of the individual sharing. 


Groups also develop their own rituals and routines which may include candle lighting, readings, shared facilitation, etc. Participants are asked to commit to attending every session if at all possible.

Image by Meghan Lamle

Facilitate A Small Group

If you're interested in being trained as a facilitator please contact Lillian Anderson.

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