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A Meal Train While Lizandra Recovers

Last week, our cherished youth group alumna and dedicated CRE childcare assistant, Lizandra Hawkinson, experienced a harrowing sledding accident. The resulting injuries necessitated surgery, leaving her temporarily reliant on a wheelchair (and occasionally a walker). She is thankfully back home with her mother, Lillian, who has taken on the responsibility of caring for Lizandra until she can regain her independence and return to school.

Navigating this challenging situation is undoubtedly daunting and exhausting. In an effort to support her mother, Lillian, and alleviate some of the burdens associated with suddenly becoming a full-time caregiver for an adult child, we have organized a meal assistance program. Your contributions will greatly bless this family during this difficult season. Thank you for your generosity!

Please note that Lizandra has tree nut and peanut allergies!


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