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A Virtual Tour of the Mount Auburn Cemetery

The Alliance will host a virtual program that will take us on a virtual tour of historic Mount Auburn Cemetery. On February 9, at 11:00 AM, John Howe will show us some of the highlights of the cemetery and we will learn more about its place in the garden cemetery movement. We will then visit a dozen or so gravesites of especially notable members of our church, learn some biographical details and see pictures of several of the key individuals who helped to establish and grow our church during its first half-century.

John Howe, along with his wife Teresa, began attending FCB in 1995, soon after moving to Belmont. He succeeded Jim Landfried as our church’s lead parish historian in 2021. While he has served the church in many positions, his principal attachment to the church is as a chorister. Next month he will mark 25 years as a regular weekly member of FCB’s senior choir; for twenty years he has also sung occasionally with the Linden Singers quartet.

To get the zoom link, contact Miriam Baker at or at (857) 228-8456.


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