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Women’s Retreat, at First Church and at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center

The women of First Church will have an opportunity this year to take part in either or both of two Women's Retreats: a local retreat at First Church on Friday, March 22, and Saturday, March 23, and a weekend retreat at Rolling Ridge from Friday, April 26 to Sunday, April 28.

The cost of the local First Church retreat will be $85.

Rolling Ridge fees have increased since 2023 and are tiered according to rooming arrangements:

Single: $392

Double: $320

Triple/Quadruple: $276

All options are based on availability, and some scholarship funds are available.

You can register for either retreat through the First Church website or the Unitarian, starting February 22 for the local First Church retreat and starting March 14 for the Rolling Ridge retreat. Registrations for both retreats will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lynn Anderson and Eva Patalas are working with Christine O’Neill on the First Church retreat, and they would appreciate a few more people to help with the planning. If you are interested, contact Christine O’Neill at

For general information about either retreat, contact Lillian Anderson at


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