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Program Council at First Church in Belmont

The Program Council is comprised of the chairs of the Program Standing Committees and is facilitated by the vice-president of the Parish Board. The Council’s process begins by ensuring the following: committee chairs or co-chairs understand the scope and activities of the other committees; adopt programmatic themes based on the church’s current needs; promote opportunities to collaborate on joint programs; provide support for each committee’s chair and his or her committee; be a community for the committee chairs.

Our Mission

We provide educational and spiritual opportunities that facilitate Members and Friends of First Church involvement with each other while being engaged in the needs of the world.

Our Process

Members of First Church have indicated that the desire for community is either extremely or very important to them. Therefore, as leaders of the church, standing committees, and Council, we use our educational and spiritual resources to foster a community based on learning, exploration, personal involvement, and commitment to make our community and world a better place.

We also try to help committees be more productive by maintaining a list of helpful on-line resources.


Program Standing Committees

Adult Programs

Childrens RE




Social Action



Caring Connection

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