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Science & Spirituality

Zoom only

The third Thursday of each month at 7:30p.m.

Contact Kirk Israel at for more information.


We are a small, long-running group meeting monthly to discuss the interplay of spirituality and science. There is generally a small set of reading followed by lively, intriguing discussion.

For our January meeting, Nicole will be leading a discussion of Pierre Teilhard, based on this article. From the abstract: Teilhard de Chardin developed an evolutionary vision of our planetary future, currently developing from a sphere of life, or biosphere towards a sphere of mind, or noosphere. As a visionary, Teilhard was not only on the brink of formulating the internet, but he also anticipated current academic efforts to understand globalization, as well as human, cultural and technological evolution. However, his ideas are sources of enduring controversies in both scientific and theological circles.

If you interested in attending or joining the group, reach out to Kirk Israel ( for the Zoom link. All are welcome.

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