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Science & Spirituality

Zoom only

The fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30p.m.

Contact Kirk Israel at for more information.


We are a small, long-running group meeting monthly to discuss the interplay of spirituality and science. There is generally a small set of reading followed by lively, intriguing discussion.

On September 28th at 7:30PM  Erika will lead a discussion on James Gleick's "The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood"

Here is a nice summary. You are encouraged to buy and read the entire book, but we have made a pdf of the delightful first chapter "Drums That Talk" available here. It is about the African Talking drums and how they cleverly use the rising and falling tones of the spoken languages there to encode messages of startling complexity, forming a system for transmitting messages over long distances that compares favorably to the telegraph.

Hope to see you online on the Sep 28th! I will be sending out meeting info closer to then.

If you interested in attending or joining the group, reach out to Kirk Israel ( for the Zoom link. All are welcome.

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