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Our Staff

Reverend Chris Jablonski

Senior Minister

Lillian Anderson

Adult Programs Director

Simon Andrews

Assistant Music Director and Organist

Kyle Belmont

Intern Minister

Raeann Mason

Youth Director and Communications Director

Luis Carrion

Church Sexton

Tracey Summerhayes

Congregational Administrator

Ian Garvie

Director of Music

Our Board

Laurie Graham

Parish Board President

Peter Whitmer


Susan Galli

Trustee at Large

Ariane Frank

Trustee At Large

Bruce Kozuma

Vice President

Donna Ruvolo

Trustee at Large

Gabby Garschina-Bobrow

Trustee at Large

Sam R. James

Ex-Officio President

Martha Read


John Howe

Trustee at Large

Martha Courant

Trustee at Large

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