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UU Belmont Alliance

Zoom only

The second Thursday of each month at 11a.m.

Contact Miriam Baker at


Our Programs

The Alliance presents monthly programs on the second Thursday of each month, from

11:00 to 12:00 on Zoom. All are welcome to attend.

We present a varied and stimulating series of programs from September through May

each church year. While most presenters are church members and friends, some are experts in their fields, such as an art curator, animal control officer, or artist. There is always time for questions and discussion.

Because our Zoom presentations are recorded, they may be viewed at a later time

on the church website. The Alliance is open to all and provides interesting educational programs.

Fall 2023

Sept. 14, 2023: Downing Cless- "First Church Green" committee will present a program about environmental change

Oct. 12,2023: Lanier Smythe-  "Trekking/visiting" England.

November 9, 2023: Bert and Louise Halstead -" Adventures in Chile'' including photographs and descriptions of their 2022 three week trip to Chile.

Dec. 14, 2023: John Howe- "The Boston Religion" Learn about the 19th Century flourishing and 20th century decline of Unitarianism in the city of Boston.

Our Story:

The Belmont Unitarian-Universalist Alliance is the oldest continuing meeting group at

First Church. It was founded in 1890 as the local branch of the Alliance of Unitarian Women. When the Unitarian-Universalist Association was created, this Alliance became part of the Unitarian-Universalist Women’s Federation.

While it met at First Church in Belmont, the Alliance wasn’t part of the Church’s

organizational structure. It had its own elected officers, dues, and bank account. Dues-paying participants were the official members.

The Alliance held monthly lunches which included either a presentation or an excursion.

In earlier years, the organization ran the Rummage Sale, put on a music program and Wassail every December, and provided the reception following funerals. The group also contributed to church projects such as the restoration of the Tiffany Window.

Alliance bylaws were amended in 1999 to reflect the dissolution of the national organization and the absorption of the local chapter into First Church. The structure of the Alliance remained largely unchanged until 2014, when the group dropped the word “Woman,” from the title to make it clear all, not just women, are now welcome to join in.

Now a subcommittee of Adult Programs, the Alliance remains semiautonomous with its own bank account and elected officers. Because the group now holds its monthly meetings on Zoom, it no longer collects dues. At its May 2023 meeting the group declared that anyone who attends two presentations during a two-year period will be a voting member. The group votes to elect officers and approve expenditures. Officers include President Nicole Bernstein, Co-President Patricia Hawkins, Treasurer Miriam Baker, Secretary Mary Harrison, Program Committee Doris Hunter, and Technical Advisor Mark Rosenstein.

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