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A Message From Your Minister

January 4, 2024


Dear readers, as we begin 2024 together, I want to share an update about our live streaming and a reflection on change.

An Update on Live Streaming 


As many of you know, our intention this winter has been to bring you live-streamed services at 10:00 am on the first Sundays of December, January, February, and March. We have been exploring the process and details to evaluate our options and make a plan for next year and beyond.


Our first experiment in December was a success, but it was a very difficult feat for Ian Garvie, our Music Director. He had to gather cords and equipment from many people to cobble together a system. This worked with a few hiccups. 


We had every intention of bringing the same system to you in January with some improvements. Ian, however, got COVID, and although he is on the mend and plans to be at church on Sunday (snow permitting), he won’t have the time to gather the system and do the whole setup. 


But we are committed to bringing the service to you, especially in the snowstorm, and so we will be experimenting with a live broadcast on YouTube. 

You can tune in here on Sunday at 10:00 am. 


And please let us know how it goes. 

A Reflection on Change 

Change has been on my mind lately, both in the wake of the holidays and in anticipation of our upcoming staffing changes.


Sophia, our Intern Minister, and I looked out into the sanctuary on Christmas Eve as the candlelight was passed and faces illuminated, one by one, singing “Silent Night.” The moment felt both familiar and distinct in countless ways: faces one year older, families in new configurations, new people having come, and beloved people—lost in the last year—missing. 

Stability and change, all woven together. We will explore these themes in the worship service this Sunday and later in the meetings later that day. 

We will gather twice this coming Sunday, accommodating in-person attendance at 11:30 am for those braving the potential storm and an online Zoom session at 7:00 pm. These gatherings aim to delve into the recent staffing changes and engage in discussion together. I’ve had many fruitful and fascinating conversations with people, and I look forward to both these gatherings and others.


As this new year begins, I am sending you all wishes of health and happiness, strength and clarity, joy and peace. Know that you are held and loved. Know that your community is here for you. Please reach out if there is any way I can be of support. 


So much love to you all, 



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