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From Your Minister 

I first wrote these words to you when I was heading home to you all last week, and I still wanted to share them. Here you go...

I am writing these words to you with a full heart on my way home to you all after participating in the installation of a close friend and colleague in Berkeley, California.

The trip back was beautiful and full. I lived there for more than ten years, both for seminary and then serving my first church, that same church my friend was called to, the Unitarian Universalist Church in Berkeley. Ben and Jack were born there, Lauren and I married there, just so much. 

It was a beautiful stretch of days, but I wanted to share two things with you all this week.


The first is that I returned to a forest I truly love. Redwood Regional Park. The pictures are from there. 

When I was in my late twenties, starting seminary, I would drive to this forest and run miles through the live oak and redwoods. Steep climbing hills and so many breathtaking groves. I hadn't returned in fifteen years, and it took my breath away. 

I hiked the same paths I used to run, savoring every memory and detail. And I realized that this was the first forest I ever lived in an intimate way. Over and over, I would return to it for many years. Now, the wilderness is one of the surest ways for me to rejuvenate and return to myself, to remember and reconnect, and it started there. 

And returning after so long was just exquisite. Please tell me of your places like this, your restoring places, perhaps sacred places you haven't returned to for a while. 

And then, I wanted to share the installation service itself. Here is a link to it…

I tell a story at the 45-minute mark, and the sermon is wonderful at the 1:12-minute mark. 

If you really want a deep dive, I also preached that morning, and the video of that is on the same YouTube page.


I loved the image that the preacher comes to around compost and taking all that we have and all that we are; our history and fullness feed our future. I love what she offers about being a metabolic spiritual community. 

So much to unpack in this, and I’d love to chat with you about it. 

And so I am sending you all love, with snow-capped mountains in the distance, hours away from a late-night return to home, family, and you all. 

I look forward to this springtime home stretch and seeing you all soon. 

So much love to you all, 

Rev. Chris


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