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Important Notes about Trash Disposal at Church

Refuse removal from the church is a private contractor, but the guidelines are similar to your household municipal service.

The name of the contractor that empties the big trash container is WIN Waste Services. The contractor who takes the recycling is Casella. Both pickups are every two weeks. They come on different days.

WIN Waste takes only the big red dumpster. Casella takes only the two 85-gallon barrels with green lids.

Anything on the left on the ground will degrade and likely attract rats and raccoons until the custodian picks it up.

  • Recycling is just clean glass or plastic bottles (branded 1, 2, or 5), clean paper, cardboard, and corrugated cardboard.

  • No trash, no styrofoam packing, no clear plastic wrapping, no plastic bags in the recycling.

  • Empty pizza boxes are OK, but there should be NO food waste. If your pizza box has leftover pizza, discard it in the red trash dumpster.

  • Please flatten cardboard boxes.

If the recycling barrels are full, please discard your recycling in the red dumpster or take it home.

  • Please don't leave trash or recycling on top of the dumpster lid.

If we follow these guidelines, our waste should fit in the containers on hand, and we should be able to keep the dumpster area clean and safe.


Property Care Committee


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