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“Under the Sea: Party with a Porpoise”

Major First Church Gala, Saturday, May 6

No need to descend 20,000 leagues to find “Under the Sea: Party with a Porpoise,” our biannual live-auction party. Just come to the Parish Hall, costumed and ready to dine, dance, and bid! As we look forward to this beloved First Church tradition, please contribute your time, talents, and treasure—in the form of donations, such as dinners, brunches, tours, personal services, vacation homes, and anything else you think will inspire your fellow church members to bid high and bid often! For suggestions or answers to questions about donations, or to volunteer, email us at

We can't wait too see you there!

Some 2020 auction items were derailed by the pandemic, along with so much else. Donors who can still provide their items to the winning bidders might wish to do so before the upcoming auction.


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