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Earth Day, Arbor Day, and 40 for the Earth-Thoughts from FCB Green

This week, we have Earth Day and Arbor Day and conclude this year's 40 for the Earth program, which challenges individuals to make a new habit in honor of our environment.

What have we accomplished, and where do we go from here? Individuals committed to walking to school, using a clothesline, cycling to work, not eating beef, and picking up trash, among other actions. All of these are key to reducing fossil fuel use, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving the habitat of Belmont.

The church, through FCB Green, continues to develop a plan to reduce our building's carbon emissions. We are increasing the number of native plants on the property with the help of our youth group, Eliza Burden and Jean Devine. The coffee house offered plant-based snacks at its April concert, and the Women's At Home Retreat had several green features. Ten people joined the Ecochallenge team format for 40 for the Earth. They outperformed the UU team in Calgary! All of this is hopeful and inspiring. Thank you to everyone who participated. Let's keep our momentum going!

Friday is Arbor Day, and to plant saplings and contribute to a healthy Belmont environment, please join us with the Belmont Citizens Forum for Lone Tree Hill Volunteer Day on Saturday, April 27, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Check out the Lone Tree Hill Volunteer Day on April 27 below for more information.


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