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Checking In on 40 for the Earth: Ecochallenge Team, and Weekly Prizes!

We are in the midst of 40 for the Earth, our opportunity to try new habits that are kinder to the planet and help make the world safer for everyone.

This year, we have a digital element to encourage you to try. The Ecochallenge platform presents many ideas for action and focuses on large and small solutions.

Click the button below to join the First Church Ecochallenge Team!

So far, we have nine people enrolled. They are doing things like making a plastic audit, collecting trash while on walks, keeping a log of wasted food, and writing advocacy letters. Every time you engage with the site, you get positive feedback, and you can see the contributions of the thousands of people across the world doing the same thing and gain points for our team. And you might win one of our weekly prizes!

Thank you to everyone who is participating in 40 for the Earth, with or without the Ecochallenge element. Our children thank you especially.

Stop by our table at Coffee Hour to get more information and to see how we’re doing and who won the weekly prize. The first week was meringues (for being one of the first people to sign up). This last week was pansies (through a random drawing). This coming Sunday (March 31) will be a sample of fragrance-free TruEarth eco-friendly laundry detergent. Kickstart your spring cleaning!

If you have questions or difficulties with the site, please contact Christine O’Neill at I make house calls!


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